Saturday, December 1, 2012

Highlights: November 2012

Sorry I've been absent from posting my monthly highlights lately, guys! It feels good to get back into the swing of things and catch up on my blog!

This month I read the following:
November 2012 (1,710 pages)
Left to Die by Lisa Jackson
Rating: 5/5          Pages: 496           Page Goal: 17,550/15,000
Chosen to Die by Lisa Jackson
Rating: 5/5          Pages: 460           Page Goal: 18,010/15,000
Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James
Rating: 2/5          Pages: 448           Page Goal: 18,458/15,000
The Search by John Battelle
Rating: 3/5          Pages: 306           Page Goal: 18,764/15,000

These books total 1,710 pages for the month. Considering how busy I've been, I'm pleasantly surprised by this!

However, I am months behind in posting my reviews :(

School is going great this second half of the semester. I'm ahead on all of my assignments and have a strong grasp of the concepts and their application.

It's definitely been crocheting season for me, since Christmas is right around the corner. Perhaps I'll show the crafts after they've been gifted :)

November was my last month traveling for work. This is actually the first weekend I've spent at home this month, but technically it's December now!

My life has been pretty crazy since September between work and school. I'm hoping all the drama has passed and things will only get better and calm down from here.

December is, of course, always a busy month with Christmas and New Years, but I'm really looking forward to celebrating with Matt and perhaps my family!

This was from storm Brutus. By the end of the weekend,
my car had 16 inches on it...not fun to dig out :(

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