Friday, June 24, 2011

Calling for Inspiration

Hey everyone!

As you've probably noticed, I'm super slacking on my blogging. This is mostly because I'm super slacking on my reading.

I'm looking for blogs to inspire me. Or non blogs, but places that have excellent book reviews or are written by someone I can relate to.

I think that knowing seeing success in other people's lives definitely inspires me to improve mine. So if you know of any amazing book blogs, would you post them in the comments box?

Thanks :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eight Cups of Coffee...

Eight cups of coffee have made me very ADD today. I am suddenly feeling overwhelmed with how much there is to do, even though very little of it needs to be done. I'm just being extremely hyper vigilant. So I'm trying to blog to distract myself from my ongoing to-do list of stuff that really doesn't need to be done.

Here's a snippet of this crazyness inside my head:

What actually needs to be done today:
  1. Two more loads of laundry
  2. Unpack remaining two boxes in kitchen
  3. Wash dishes
  4. Bake cheerio bars
  5. Label and organize fabrics
 This list is super realistic. Instead, I'm being a crazy frantic person because all this coffee has gone straight to the motivation sector of my brain. Beware: this section sounds extreme.

What I seem to think needs to be done today:
  1. Wash all laundry in the house--sheets, towels, clothes, EVERYTHING
  2. Begin and complete sewing a skirt that isn't needed until August
  3. Wash all dishes and scrub countertops
  4. Unpack remaining two boxes in kitchen
  5. Unpack remaining 3 boxes in living room
  6. Organize health and beauty/household stockpile
  7. Reorganize grocery stockpile
  8. Label and organize fabrics
  9. Blog about most recently completed novel
  10. Study for GMAT
  11. Apply for two different grad schools
  12. Organize main hallway closet
  13. Covert other hallway closet into another stockpile (ha ha, like this really needs to happen!)
  14. Put away all hangers and clothes in bedroom
  15. Complete reading novel started yesterday
  16. Organize and arrange coupons for sale
  17. Read Sunday newspapers for Minot and Bismarck
  18. Take out all trash in the house
  19. Organize bookshelves
  20. Do 30 minutes of yoga
  21. Organize filing cabinet
  22. Hang posters, wall decor
  23. Go over July's monthly budget, recall June's budget
  24. Begin and complete sewing a top that I don't need right away
  25. Begin and complete sewing a matching bottom to the top so I can pretend I need it right away
  26. Catch up on writing thank you cards
  27. Bake cheerio trail mix bars
  28. Make cheerio no-bake bars (only one of these two types of bars actually needs to be made)
So, what this tells me is that maybe I should put down my coffee for today...I think it tries to make me believe I am superwoman.

But I need to hop off the computer now because this coffee's gotten me a little shaky, so it's a challenge to type correctly. Uh oh...
Thanks for reading up on my crazy coffee adventures!