Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Review: Chosen to Die by Lisa Jackson

Chosen to Die by Lisa Jackson was just as riveting as the first one in her Montana/"To Die" series, Left to Die. The second book in the series picks up right where the first one left off. Here's the summary of Chosen to Die, courtesy of Goodreads:

He'll Choose Them. . .
Detective Regan Pescoli has worked the -Star Crossed Killer- case for months, never imagining she'd be captured by the madman she's been hunting. Regan knows exactly what he's capable of--and avoiding the same fate will take every drop of her courage and cunning.
Abduct Them. . .
Regan Pescoli is unlike any woman Nate Santana has met before. But now she's missing, and Nate knows something is dangerously wrong. The only person who can help him find her is Detective Selena Alvarez, Regan's partner. As Nate and Selena dig deeper into the Star-Crossed Killer case and the body count rises, the truth about Regan's disappearance becomes chillingly clear.
And Kill Them. . .
In the desolate Montana woods, evil is lurking. And with time running out, the only way to save Regan will be to get inside a killer's twisted mind and unravel a shocking message that is being revealed, one body at a time. . .
The first novel in this series had me on the edge of my seat. I read this one in a day; it was that exciting. There's much more that goes on in the novel than just the serial killer, but everything connects in the end. This is a fabulous, thrilling read, but I wouldn't recommend reading it out of series order.

I highly recommend this novel for anyone looking for a good thriller!

Here's where this book got me:
Chosen to Die by Lisa Jackson
Rating: 5/5
Pages: 460
2012 Reading Goal: 18,010/15,000

Books in this series include:
  1. Left to Die
  2. Chosen to Die
  3. Born to Die
  4. Afraid to Die
Questions for my readers:
  1. What riveting read are you tangled up in this holiday season?
  2. Is there any series with which you think order does not matter?

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  1. I think i have this, I like Jackson's suspenseful tales.


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