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Book Review: The Murderers' Club by P.D. Martin

Last review from 2012, I promise! Thanks, guys, for bearing with me as I try to catch up on my reviews!

The last book I read in December 2012 was The Murderers' Club by P.D. Martin. Here's the summary, courtesy of Goodreads:
FBI profiler Sophie Anderson hates her uncontrollable ability to experience the minds of killers. But these sickening flashes of murder yield invaluable clues, and so Sophie watches.

Six months ago, a case nearly cost Sophie her life. So when a detective friend asks her to visit Arizona, she welcomes the break. But her vacation ends abruptly when bodies are found at a university and she gets pulled into the case. The horrifying methodology—deliberate body positioning, a distinctive red heart scrawled on each victim—indicates to Sophie that a new serial killer has claimed the area. Oddly, though, certain signature elements differ between killings. Fortunately, the FBI database has a record of many of the signatures—but each belongs to a different serial killer.

As the bodies continue to appear, Sophie must hone her terrifying skills and suffer the horrors in her head in order to stop this killer.
This book is the second in P.D. Martin's Sophie Anderson series about an FBI profiler who is able to see things through the eyes of killers. I know the title is lame not very eye-catching, but the content and plot make up for it! The Murderer's Club is about a group of wealthy killers who have a private chat room and videos of victims. Together, they plot who will die, who will kill them, and the rest watch. There were exciting twists along the way that kept me wanting more. I'm super excited to read the third book in this series, Fan Mail, which I've already got waiting for me on my bookshelf!

I recommend this book for anyone who loves a good thriller. Even though this is the second in the series, it could be read as a stand-alone novel.

This book polished off my 2012 reading:
The Murderers' Club by P.D. Martin
Rating: 4/5
Pages: 427
2012 Reading Goal: 19,804/15,000

Books in this series:

  1. Body Count
  2. The Murderers' Club
  3. Fan Mail
  4. The Killing Hands
  5. Kiss of Death
  6. Coming Home
Questions for my Readers:
  1. Are you behind on any of your reviews? Do you have a schedule for when you post your book reviews?
  2. Did you set a reading goal for 2013? What is it?

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