Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rambles of a Coffee Addict

I know I should be posting book reviews right now because I'm so far behind on them, but I'm not sure I'm up for it today.

At the beginning of each semester, I work to find balance and a schedule that works for me. Unfortunately, because my courses are in 8-week chunks, I get flipped around halfway through each semester and have to find something else that will work. I'm really good about starting off each semester with my class deadlines listed on my calendar, frequent visits to the gym (stress management!), and even a menu plan for each week. My new semester starts tomorrow, so I know I need to start getting these things in order again, but somehow, this semester is different.

I feel overwhelmed by everything this semester, and I'm not sure why. It could be the wedding coming up 3 months from today; I'm definitely far behind on planning for it. It could be that I can't find a perfect planner for my life right now. Or, it could simply be that I had a 3-week break from classes and am nervous about throwing them back into the mix.

You guys likely know that I am a list person. It's actually really sad--if I don't have something on a list, it doesn't get done. This includes my to-do list at work (deadlines written after the project in RED ink so I know what my priorities are), my grocery shopping list, my menu list (I never know what to make if I haven't planned it out in advance!), coursework list, my blog list, and my "master list". My "master list" is a list of projects at home I'd like to complete. I keep it in a beautiful Martha Stewart by Avery notebook. The pages somehow seem bigger than most, so I fold each page "hot-dog style" right down the middle and make crazy long lists. Then I get anxiety.

I am also a planner person. A big-time planner person. I feel like so much of my identity is wrapped up in my planner. At work, I use an Outlook calendar, which is awesome for organizing my meetings. I've got it color-coded, so I also include my appointments, reminders of when class assignments are due, and reminders of deadlines for upcoming projects. This Outlook calendar syncs with my work iPad really well, and I carry my work iPad with me virtually everywhere. But somehow, I feel like I'm really missing something. I don't know if maybe it's time to go back to a paper planner? I've been looking to buy one lately but can't find the one. Trust me, it's better to make do without a planner than to have one that isn't functioning well for you.

The planner that will be perfect for me just doesn't seem to exist right now. I'm not fully sure what I want in a planner, but I know that I haven't found one I like yet. I'm thinking I should probably make my own and see how it goes. At least then, I'd know if it works well, and be able to make changes if it doesn't.


In other news, The Biggest Loser premiers tonight! I don't really watch much TV, but The Biggest Loser: Couples (the one that's on in the winter, not fall) is my weekly indulgence. I'm super ADD when it comes to watching TV, so I find myself always doing something while watching: clipping coupons, surfing the web, folding laundry, etc. My favorite thing to do during The Biggest Loser is my menu planning and packing my lunches for the week. I always feel responsible to pack/plan healthy when the show is on, so that motivation carries over throughout the week. There is a 4-hour season premier this year: two hours tonight, and two hours tomorrow night. I'm excited because I know I'll get a lot crossed off my to-do list while watching the show!


Thanks for bearing with me. I believe this is titled appropriately, since it's really just one big ramble and I've had 6 cups of coffee already.

Questions for my readers:
  1. Do you use a planner? If so, which one, and what do you like about it?
  2. What do you look for in a planner?
  3. How do you organize all your lists?
  4. Are you a multi-tasker when it comes to watching TV shows?

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