Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Book Review: Body Count by P.D. Martin

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A few weeks ago, I read Body Count by P.D. Martin. You may remember me having read her 4th Sophie Anderson book last year, The Killing Hands? Body Count is the first one of her Sophie Anderson series. Here’s the summary, courtesy of Goodreads:

Body Count (Sophie Anderson,  #1)
FBI agent Sophie Anderson has been trained to uncover the minds of serial killers, to understand their vile impulses and cravings--to catch them before they kill again. Newly relocated from Australia, Sophie is settling in to her job at Quantico with the help of her new friend, Agent Samantha Wright, and a potential new boyfriend, Agent Josh Marco, and is quickly becoming the FBI's star profiler.
The only problem is the nightmares.
These intense images are more than dreams. They are psychic visions, like those she experienced during childhood when her brother was abducted.
When grisly details match recent crime scene photos, she confides in Sam, and her visions lead to several breakthroughs in the case. But when Sam is abducted, Sophie must finally trust her visions and use them. She may not have been able to save her brother, but perhaps she can save Sam--and herself.

I was definitely entranced by this novel. The main victim is Sophie Anderson’s best friend, so Sophie has an extreme personal involvement in the case, as well as in her relationship with a coworker. As the action picks up and the serial killer attacks closer and closer to home, Sophie begins to question the relationship she has with those around her. This was an addicting thriller, and took me practically no time to get through. The characters swept me away; I will definitely continue this series. I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a quick, fun thriller, including you James Patterson fans.

Here’s where this book has gotten me for the year:
Body Count by P.D. Martin
Rating: 4/5
Pages: 393
2012 Reading Goal: 11,707/15,000

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  1. Oh this shouts read me! I love all the elements you mentioned! It's the first in a series too..eep definitely adding to my list!

  2. Hi Leah,
    Delayed response, but I'm so glad you enjoyed Body Count and thanks for reviewing it on your blog :) I hope you've got an e-reader because I'm also one of the many authors who have moved into the book world!

    Phillipa (PD) Martin


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