Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Armchair BEA: Networking

Hello again, readers!

This is my third post for Armchair BEA, which continues throughout the week. Today's topic is "Networking". We're supposed to discuss partnerships within the community, book clubs, etc.

I will admit I do not have a local book partnership. To be honest, I've only visited our local bookstore twice before, simply because I have so many of my own books. Likewise with the library. I love and respect libraries, but it seems silly to pick up books from the city library when I have a small library of unread books in my own home!

While I do not belong to any formal book club, my friends frequently approach me looking for book recommendations. I love discussing these novels with them, particularly after they have read the novel. I also network with my mom and her coworkers a fair amount through books. They will read a book, pass it on to her, who will pass it on to me, and I'll give it back upon completion. It's crazy to think that one book will go through so many hands. I frequently visit with my mom about books, as we pass them back and forth like crazy!

Partnership with bookstores and book clubs can be quite the challenge when one travels as much as I do. For that reason, I have sustained from doing so, but I fully intent to join at some point in my life. It's very likely I'll be joining a book club on Goodreads within the next year or so...

Have a happy Wednesday, and I hope to read about your networks as well! :)

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