Friday, June 8, 2012

Armchair BEA: The Future of Book Blogging

Good morning, readers!

Today is my final Armchair BEA post. The topic is "The Future of Book Blogging," where I share my thoughts on what makes or breaks a good book blog. The thing is, though, that I don't believe there's one exact formula that works well for everyone. Instead, I'll share with you what I enjoy seeing on book blogs:
  • An "About Me" section. Even if it's short. I like to know that I can relate to the blogger, whether it's crafts we have in common, or the types of books we like to read. When bloggers don't have this section, I rarely opt to follow them. I enjoy knowing a little bit about each person I follow. It humanizes their blog for me, and makes it easier for me to comment and feel like it's a friendship (in the blogosphere)
  • A list of books read. We all know that I'm not big on YA. I don't follow too many blogs that are solely YA, or more than 40% YA. I use these lists to determine if I want to follow this person--do we have similar tastes in books? Do we like the same authors? Do I trust their recommendations and believe I would appreciate the book as much as they did?
  • A rating system. Sometimes, I'm too busy to get through the entire review. So, as a lazy person, I look at their rating. I trust that the bloggers I follow have similar tastes to myself (discovered mostly through the list of books read). Therefore, I believe my rating would likely be plus or minus a point. If someone I'm following rates a book "one star", I likely won't pick it up, based on their explanation. I really do rely on these ratings, and love when people have then, and at least a paragraph as to why the book deserves that rating.
  • Non-book posts from time to time. I've found I really appreciate these in some of my fellow bloggers because, again, it humanizes them. I get to know their likes and dislikes, or about their family. Sometimes people will do a non-book post once a week. Other times once a month. Either way, it's a treat. So those of you doing it, please keep it up.

It's not to say that if book blogs don't have these, I don't follow them. I'll be honest with you, there's a handful of YA blogs I follow just because I like the personality of the blogger. Also, it's kind of nice to know a little bit about what's going on in the YA world. Frankly, most of the blogs I follow are because I feel some kind of connection with the blogger based on what I've read of them.

Well, that wraps up my first week of Armchair BEA. I hope you enjoyed it! Leave your comments below so I can swing by your posts as well! Happy Friday! :)


  1. I have thought about doing some non book posts but what would anyone be interested in?

  2. Absolutely agree with your observations. I always check the About Me section if I see a new to me blog that seems nice. Like yours. :-)

  3. I couldn't agree more with your first two pieces of advice. One of the first things I click on is the About Me page and what someone read to see if we're "compatible" and I want to follow their blog. If I can't figure it out, then chances are I'm not sticking around. It's so simple but so important!

  4. Great advice...I'm one of those bloggers that currently doesn't have an About Me section and now I am going to create one. I, too, always check out a list of books read on the blogs I come across to see if we have similar reading interests.

  5. I'm currently working an an about me section, I just hate talking about myself. My readers get a good idea of who I am in my weekly vlog - it's very candid.

    Girl Who Reads

  6. About Me sections are really helpful, but they're difficult to write! I'm going to have to edit mine, some of the info on it has changed a bit.

    If you have the time, I’d love to hear from you at my armchair BEA post.


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