Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Book Review: Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled by Bert Murray

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I've had a super productive day today, so I thought I'd add a blog post as the cherry on top!

Seriously, though. It's been ridiculous. I signed up for a boot-camp type class at the college where I work. WOW. I am extremely out-of-shape and sore, but it feels so good when I'm done! The class meets on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6-7 am. So, I got up at 5:20 (because I make the 8-minute trek to the college by foot) and got ready for the class. We did stations, and I got quite the workout! I came home, showered and got ready for work. Then I decided to fold a large load of laundry before running off for work. During my lunch break, I did my grocery shopping/couponing for the week and ran a few more errands. I went back to work, and came home at a decent time. I rested for a bit, then took a 90-minute exam for one of my classes. And now? I'm still energized. Darn it! That's where this blog comes in.

Earlier this week, I completed Bert Murray's Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled. I have to admit that I entered the Goodreads giveaway for this at least 5 times, and was a little frantic about finding a (reasonably priced) copy as soon as possible. I was convinced this was a book I had to have. I came across the Kindle version one day on Amazon for only $0.99, and didn't even blink before hitting "buy". This was, I believed, the book for me. Here's the Goodreads description:

Meet Colin Preston.
19 years old and a student at Elerby University in upstate New York.
He drinks too much.
Lives for the Beatles, John Lennon and classic rock.
Falls for the most beautiful sophomore on campus.
His life is about to change forever.
Funny. Moving. Honest. Raw.
An entertaining coming of age novel about friendship, music, first love and betrayal. 

I know the description sounds vague, but I really love coming-of-age novels centered around the personal growth and development of college students, regardless of generation. Therefore, I had to have it! 

This was a quick enough read. It's gotten great reviews. But to be honest? There was nothing remarkable about it. It's so unremarkable that I didn't even know what to put in my review. The characters are so-so. Slightly under-developed, but not to where it ruins the story. The storyline is predictable and typical, but the epilogue was lacking. Overall, my low rating is simply because this book was nothing special to me. It was an OK read, but I'll likely have forgotten about it within a few weeks. And unfortunately, this little paragraph is all I have to say about it; it was that lame. Would I recommend it? To put it in current college student terms: "meh"

Here's what I've got for numbers:
Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled by Bert Murray
Rating: 2/5
Pages: 251
2012 Reading Goal: 5,640/15,000 

So, readers, aside from running around like crazy and playing catch-up (like I always somehow happen to do in the spring), I'm squeezing a bit of reading in here and there. I'd love to view your input in the poll below, so I can blog more about things YOU are interested in.

Scrat is basically my favorite Ice Age character. LOVE! :)
In the meantime, have a great rest of your week, readers! And remember, it's almost Friday! :)

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