Thursday, July 21, 2011

Broke Ass

I'm basically still a college student. A couple of months ago, Matt and I were at the liquor store when I discovered this wine, Broke Ass. This particular one is a red, but they do make a white. It's sat in my fridge for a while. I'm not usually really big on reds because the blend of flavors and alcohol content are both pretty strong. I usually have to pair reds with a pretty hefty meal just to get it down. Broke Ass can definitely be consumed without any accompaniment, and goes down smooth.

This wine cost around $4.50 and is AMAZING! It tastes rather light, in spite of having an alcohol content of 13% (this could be dangerous!). It's from Argentina, which was actually something that made me nervous when buying it. I became somewhat of a cheap wine snob in Oregon, because I discovered the beauty of Washington and Oregon wines, but could only afford the ones around $15 and under. I had nothing to be nervous about with the origin of this wine. It's a delightful plum-and-blackberry blend, and I recommend it to all you wine lovers out there. I plan to get the white wine too...that is, if this bottle wasn't already at the halfway mark :P

Did I just graduate from Two-Buck-Chuck to this "higher class" wine? I think so :)

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