Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings has saved me! It's like a gift from Father Time, allowing us to play catch-up. Sure, it can be a pain in the butt in the spring, but it's such a blessing come fall.

Thanks to daylight savings, I was able to wake up earlier, get out of bed, and be super productive! I did all my laundry (which has been piling up far too long) and put it all away. I thoroughly cleaned my kitchen and bathroom, and even went to work for 3 1/4 hours. I'm pretty proud of myself for not working all weekend. I get so consumed in my work that I often wear myself out and become less and less productive. I left my work at work and enjoyed the weekend without the everyday stress of work. I also got to chat with Matty for a long time via Skype last night. I'm so excited spend Christmas with him and his parents--just over a month until I get to see him again!

The only problem with my weekend? Toni Morrison is sitting on my nightstand, pouting. I haven't even touched Sula all weekend. Essentially, that was my whole plan for the weekend. Sure, cleaning would have been nice, but a good book? Priority. I'd like to think I could get some reading done on the road, but that's a joke. I've only gotten as far as taking my book out of my bag and setting it on the nightstand. Working 10+ hour days doesn't really leave one in a condition to pick up a book while in a really comfy bed...

This week I'll be driving a fair amount, since there are no vacancies anywhere in Minot (which is partially my fault, waiting until tonight to call for a reservation Tuesday). I'll just come home. Oh, and it's going to snow Tuesday night. Figures. Audiobook? Either James Patterson's Roses are Red or Kathy Reich's Bones to Ashes. Either way, I suppose I'll be deeply entranced and not even notice the long drive or the icky weather. Or maybe just sleep in my car (half-kidding).

Now: time to connect with some very important people in my life. And maybe Toni, too ;)

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