Saturday, September 1, 2012

Highlights: August 2012

Ack! I can't believe it's already September!!! Here's what I was busy with throughout August:

This month I read the following:
August 2012
Are you there, Vodka? It's me, Chelsea by Chelsea Handler
Rating: 3/5          Pages: 264           Page Goal: 14,406/15,000
Play Dirty by Sandra Brown
Rating: 4/5          Pages: 404           Page Goal: 14,810/15,000
Along Came a Spider by James Patterson
Rating: 3/5          Pages: 449           Page Goal: 15,259/15,000
The Wedding Girl by Madeline Wickham
Rating: 3/5          Pages: 327           Page Goal: 15,586/15,000

These books total 1,444 pages for the month, which surprises me, considering how busy I was in August!

However, I haven't posted reviews for any of these books. Whoops! Hoping to get around to that soon...

This first 8-week class is pretty intensive, so I'm working really hard to just keep my head above ground right now. I'm sure it will get better as it goes, and I'm lucky it's a subject I'm interested in.

Whoopsies! I haven't touched my crafts in months! I often bring my crocheting on the road with me, though, so that I have something to do at night when I (try) to relax. Now that I have schoolwork, though, I feel like I may not get around to my crafts for quite some time...

I finally had a month where I didn't travel one bit. It was lovely, but trust me--I'll be making up for it pretty soon!

Our chest freezer broke down earlier this month, and it's been such a hassle for us to get it serviced. We found out yesterday that it's "non-repairable" (literally--the inspector wrote that in Sharpie on our freezer!) So, we're struggling a lot with Sears right now to get a replacement before all our food spoils :(

I survived August, but I'm not sure I'll be as lucky with September! I will be attending College Fairs and doing High School Visits (usually visiting around 72 high schools total) throughout the next few months.


This is me being a creature from the Black Lagoon...
During my lectures for class, I like to pretend I'm at a
spa. Don't judge.

So, readers, what were your August 2012 highlights?

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