Saturday, January 8, 2011

Into the Wild with Velociraptors

I love the holidays, don't get me wrong, but it is soooo nice to get back into a routine and spend a little time alone. Yesterday after work I made myself a Montana Meal (you know, steak, potatoes, and a veggie--yum yum!). I spent the rest of the night finishing up a novel and then, later, crocheting a blanket while watching tv. I slept really well and feel energized this morning (not because of coffee, either! I've only had 1/4 cup so far!).

The novel I completed was Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild. Yes, it has been made into a movie. Unfortunately, I watched the movie first, since I wasn't aware it was a book. I really need to look that stuff up. But I did love the movie, and wanted to see how I would enjoy the book.

The book is about a 24-year-old college graduate from a wealthy family who abandons all possessions to hitchhike across the country. He wants to ultimately get up to Alaska and live off the land. Jon Krakauer wrote an article about Chris McCandless for Outdoor Magazine. The story received so much interest that Krakauer decided to research McCandless's whole two-year expedition through the nation.

This was the Alaska I saw in December. Beautiful, indeed.
But would I attempt to survive on the land in this? Absolutely not.
I'm going to spoil the story (if you haven't seen the movie), but the biggest difference is the starting and the ending. The movie begins with his adventures and ends in Chris McCandless's death, where the book begins with McCandless's death and works its way back to how he got there.

The book went really quickly for me. It was highly engaging. But--I will warn you-- Jon Krakauer writes like a journalist, so it's common for him to get a little carried away with the details. The only other negative I have about it was Krakauer's 30-page interruption to tell his story of one of his own expeditions. He had a terrible transition into his story and it wasn't as relevant to the reader as I suppose it was from his perspective. I definitely recommend this read for anyone who's ever wanted to venture out into the great unknown. It's a well-told tale of adventure and risk-taking.

Here are my stats for the book:
Rating: 4/5
Pages: 203
2011 Reading Goal: 553/12,500

I should explain that I've decided to switch from my 10-point rating system to a five-point rating system. I believe that the 5-point rating system will better fit with my definitions. Here's what the points mean:

1: Don't bother picking this book up. Seriously. Not worth your time.

Please, heed my warning.
2: I got through it, but it's certainly not one I'd recommend.

3: It was ok, but not at the top of my recommendation list.

4: If you have time or this interests you, please put it on your list of TBR (to be read). Definitely worth the read.

5: Must read!!!!! Velociraptors will eat you in your sleep if you don't!

I hope this helps to clarify what my ratings for various books mean.

For more information on the dangers of velociraptors, please visit this blog:

Have a lovely Saturday!!!

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  1. Hey, I just found you from 20SB, and I must say I really like your blog! I just started a blog and am going to attempt to a book review once a week on it along with my other postings, so I especially enjoy your reviews! I haven't seen or read Into the Wild, but both have been on my to do list for quite some time! I think this just bumped it up a notch or two on my list so thanks for the review!


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