Monday, January 17, 2011

Burning Vinegar

This is my new project:

I'm working on the robe, pattern "A". I haven't sewn in a while, but I need a new robe and new sewing project. The last project I worked on was two years ago, when I sewed my own bridesmaid dress for a friend's wedding. This project will be much, much simpler.

Although I love sewing with all my heart, it is a constant reminder that I have absolutely NO common sense. Today, I discovered that the soleplate on my iron was gunky with remnants of an accidental burning. I tried to use common sense, I really did. I unplugged the iron (still a little hot) and grabbed the white vinegar to clean it. I rationed that it would clean best if the iron was hot, because the gunk would be hot.

That was a stupid idea.

What ended up happening is that I burned vinegar. Ladies, please learn from my mistake: never put vinegar on a hot surface. It leads to the worst smell in the world! It lingered in my apartment all night. Fortunately, it was pretty warm weather outside yesterday (22 degrees ABOVE zero!!!), so I was able to open a window and let everything air out.

While cutting the fabric, I realized that the 8 cups of coffee I had that morning was slightly impractical, since my hands were shaking like crazy. However, I was still able to cut and iron all my tissue and fabric yesterday. All I need to do today is fuse some interfacing to some strips of fabric, and I will be ready to start sewing!

This has not replaced reading, I promise. I'm working on a novel currently, but am having some issues with my eyesight at the moment, so it's taking longer than anticipated to complete the novel.

Shameful secret (well, I guess it isn't a secret if I'm blogging it for the whole world to hear): I recently discovered I have over 60 unread books on my bookshelf. I'm so disappointed in myself. I'm not even sure that I will be buying books at all this year. I will contemplate this and discuss it with you all at a later date.

Today's agenda:

Today will be a relaxing day indeed!
  • bubble bath
  • lots of coffee (but maybe not 8 cups...)
  • reading
  • pedicure
  • doing dishes
  • fusing robe's interfacing
  • sewing a bit
  • vacuuming apartment
I love the holidays :D


  1. I'm always really impressed with people who can sew because whenever I try, I end up grumpy and bleeding =p


  2. i'm so jealous! i'm completely hopeless at sewing. tried a number of times... failed miserably. le sigh. good luck with your project!


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