Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holidays, Engagement, Layovers, and Abstinence

Hello readers!

I apologize for not updating this blog. As with most of you (I would assume), I've been out and about with family and friends for the holidays. I finally flew up to Alaska to meet my boyfriend's family. Matt and I have been dating over 3.5 years, with no opportunities to meet his parents! His family was gracious enough to take me in for 10 days and show me around the Island. I've always wanted to visit Alaska, and let me tell you: it doesn't disappoint.

While there, Matt proposed to me while on a hike up one of the mountains. It was perfect: the snowy mountains, sunshine, and ocean, and a wonderful man. It's everything I could have imagined, and I'm so happy to spend the rest of my life with him :)

The whole experience was beautiful. But I'll tell you--10 days isn't near enough time to spend with my boyfriend. We'll have to wait another 3 months to see each other again :(  BUT I feel so blessed to have wonderful future in-laws and an amazing fiance.

I am now hanging out in the Anchorage airport awaiting my red-eye flight. *sigh* I hate when the holidays have to end.

Three book related comments:

1) I'll be starting a poll on here today...I'm debating whether or not I should make it a new year's resolution to not buy myself any books during 2011. Before you gasp and un-follow me, hear me out: I have over 35 unread books on my bookshelf. People also like to give me books as gifts. My thought is that it would encourage me to read what I have, or visit the library should I think I really need a book.It'll also save me money, and perhaps save me some room I on my bookshelf. Please vote to let me know what you think.

2) Have any of you read Ahab's Wife by Sena Naslund? I have the book and began reading it on my trip. I'm 80 pages in and nothing really exciting has happened. The book's back cover sounds so good and it has excellent reviews, so I guess what I'm asking is: is that accurate? Is it worth continuing the next 600 pages? PLEASE let  me know if you've read it!

3) Thank you to those of you who voted in my reading goal for 2011. The results are in and majority rules: my reading goal will be set at 12,500 pages, a 2,500 page increase from my 2010 reading goal. I appreciate the response in helping me make up my mind!

Have a happy new year!

P.S. I apologize if you feel the title of this blog mislead you, with the "Abstinence" portion. Abstinence is the voluntary suppression of pleasure--in my case, being unable to purchase a book for myself for a whole year would definitely be a suppression of pleasure.


  1. Am I the first comment? (Squeal!) Trade, borrow and lend is a great way to get free books. I love the library too. Only buy what you love and ask around for the rest. :-) Congrats on the engagement. We are all happy for you.

  2. Aww, I hate goodbyes!! (Even if they're see ya later sort of goodbyes)

    Congrats!! That's awesome! On a hike, too? That's pretty sweet.


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