Sunday, October 24, 2010

Returning to the Blogging Scene

Hello there! Welcome to my first blog in...a very long time.

Once upon a time (about 6 years ago) I had a blog and was really into it. Then, one day, I just decided, selfishly, that I didn't have time to commit my thoughts, dreams, and future to paper (er...textbox?) and simply gave up on blogging.

After 6 years of longing for my thoughts, dreams, and future to be recorded, I have returned to blogging, with the conviction that this blog will not be my last.

I woke up to a chilly, Midwestern morning and a freshly brewed pot of hazelnut coffee. I had finished yet another book last night, and eagerly scurried to my bookshelf, staring at the wondrous potential it holds. I stared in bewilderment, wondering what my next adventure would be. Would it frighten me? It is close to Halloween, after all. Would it make me cry? Laugh? Learn ways to improve my leadership and communication? I decided that I would instead journal. Pulling out my journal, I felt eager to record everything I desire and know. Then I got distracted. By Facebook. FAIL.

My hope in writing this blog isn't necessarily to appease my audience (sorry, guys), but rather to ensure that I am committing to writing in one form or another. So I welcome you all to join me, as I make my way through my 20s, A LOT of coffee, and bookshelves upon bookshelves of beautiful, life-changing novels.

P.S. This was my most recent read, completed as of last night. I rated it a 7/10, but to tell you the truth, I was slightly disappointed in Stephen King. For once, I did not get the anxiety deep in the pit of my stomach while reading one of his books, flipping to the next page with such eagerness.

I would recommend it, but not if you're looking for an authentic Stephen King thriller.

Also, an update on my page goal. This last novel brings me up to having read 9,056 pages of my 10,000 page goal. Almost there!

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  1. Aww your page goals!!! I miss those. Look forward to getting some great book recommendations. Though I think I'll skip the Stephen King ones for reasons you know very well. ;)

    - Jaci


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