Monday, November 26, 2012

Book Review: The Wedding Girl by Madeline Wickham

I'm now officially done with fall travel season for work and ready to jump back into my life and routine! I slacked a lot this season, so I've got a lot to catch up on. Be prepared for several reviews within the next few weeks.

Way back in August (it feels like forever ago, doesn't it?!?) I was looking for a fun, flirty, breezy read. I've had Madeline Wickham's novel The Wedding Girl on my shelf for quite a while now, and finally decided to pick it up. Here's the novel's summary, courtesy of Goodreads:

When ‘I do’ gives you déjà vu it could be a problem. . .

At the age of eighteen, in that first golden Oxford summer, Milly was up for anything. Rupert and his American lover Allan were all part of her new, exciting life, and when Rupert suggested to her that she and Allan should get married, just so that Allan could stay in the country, Milly didn't hesitate.

Ten years later, Milly is a very different person. Engaged to Simon – who is wealthy, serious, and believes her to be perfect – she is facing the biggest and most elaborate wedding imaginable. Her mother has it planned to the finest detail. Milly’s dreadful secret is locked away so securely she has almost persuaded herself that it doesn't exist – until, with only four days to go, her past catches up with her.

What I really enjoyed about this book was the theme of life's changes. When we're young, we do things without always considering the impact it will have on us in the future. In this case, 18-year-old Milly married a stranger he could stay in the country to be with his partner. Obviously, when Milly tries to marry ten years later, she realizes she needs a divorce and must track down her estranged husband. What Milly goes through to track these former "friends" down was challenging and time-consuming--just days before the wedding. 

I recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys pondering past decisions and their influence on the present--or anyone looking for a fun, flirty, breezy read :)

Here's where this book put me:

The Wedding Girl by Madeline Wickham
Rating: 3/5
Pages: 327
2012 Reading Goal: 15,586/15,000


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  2. This sounds interesting and I love pondering things, so it's cool that the book makes you think.


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