Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coffee. Cinnamon Rolls. Books.

Coffee: Seattle's Best (boldness: 4)

Delicious. Dark roast. Perfect for the morning pick-me-up.

Cinnamon Rolls: Rhode's

Easy. With coupon, only $1.50. Perfect for the lazy Saturday morning breakfast.

Books: Used Bookstore Liquidation Sale

I bought a lot of books. Oops. See photos below.

When I went to the sale the first time, all
books were 75% off the publisher's
price. I paid just a couple of dollars for each
of these books.

On my second trip to the store, the price for each
book had been slashed to just $1. Can you blame me
for buying 21?!?!?
In total, these are the books I purchased from Second Pages.
It's going to take me a year to get through them all, but I'm
eager to start! :)

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