Saturday, February 26, 2011

Project Complete!

I finished sewing my robe!
There's always such a strong sense of accomplishment when you're able to complete a project in a total time span of about 10 hours. As I had written in Burning Vinegar, I began working on this robe about a month ago. I had cut out the pattern, ironed the tissue paper pattern pieces, ironed the fabric, pinned the pattern, and cut the fabric. Usually, those steps consume about half of the total time spent on the project. Oh, and I also succeeded in stinking up the entire apartment.

Today, I began working on the robe again around 1:00, not expecting to get it done today. Surprisingly, it was done 5 hours later! I made a few adjustments to personalize the project. I'm also still considering having my mom embroider something on the two pockets just to add some fun decorations.

Now, in spite of all the coffee I drank while working on the project, I am exhausted. I think I will spend my Saturday night curled up with a good book and warm blanket. Who knows--maybe I'll have another blog for you all tomorrow ;)

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